Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thong Tree

Today, I stopped to take a picture on my camera phone of the sign posted in front of the Thong Tree on the corner of Indian Hills and Jackson Boulevard. A quick google search turned up the meaning of Thong Tree as a means of directional markers by Native Americans.

Does anyone have any information about "our" Thong Tree?

The sign said "Indian Trail and Thong Tree - Central District Fed. Garden Clubs of MO".


Hap said...

Please check on the Mountain Stewards of Georgia to see photos of Trail Trees and obtain information.


Anonymous said...

Jackson and Cape Giradeau are distint members of the famous Trail of Tears by Lewis & Clark and their Indian guide, Pocahantas. Being very proud of this symbol abiet not many Native Americans reside in Jackson or Cape, the commununity honors this by using some of the traditons used by Native Americans. Indian Hills being one of the first impressive new neighborhoods of Jackson was most likely or not, granted permission to use these traditions to earmark a distinctive neighborhood in its community. Thus some of these signs are an Indian Hills traditon.

Nah, probably not. Somebody help me here.

Anonymous said...

If one goes out to the Bollinger County museum of natural history, they have a native american exhibit talking about the trail of tears. The part from our area shows that the natives were forced coming up bainbridge road and greensferry road, and meeted up on their journey west there at shawnee and E. Jackson blvd.

posted by Brian Niedbalski